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Gauloises Blondes Yellow

Gauloises Blondes Yellow @ 400 cigarettes per box

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Product Description

Gauloises Blondes Yellow Cigarettes first appeared in 1910, and 40 years later, in the 1950s, Filtered Gauloises Blondes Yellow Cigarettes were introduced. At first, these cigarettes used dark tobacco, but in 1984, the brand was relaunched with an American type blend tobacco and renamed Gauloises Blondes. Today, Gauloise Cigarettes remain a popular brand worldwide, as many smokers recognize their strong, pleasant taste and high-quality tobacco smoke.

Each Box contains 20 packs x 20 Cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes and 1 box contains 400 cigarettes

This product has a guaranteed point of manufacture within the European Union, however, we cannot guarantee the specific country.
Products may be distributed from countries outside of the European Union.

Made in: European Union


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